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Puget Sound Energy - LNG Facility Tacoma

Puget Sound Energy submitted an application for a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in the Tacoma Tide Flats. The site will include a new Total Ocean Trailer Express Marine Vessel LNG fueling system used to distribute to ships. The application also includes details on associated improvements to the existing PSE Natural Gas Distribution System that delivers natural gas from the Williams Natural Gas Pipeline to the LNG facility.

Due to expected public interest, there will be a public comment period available for this application after the Agency completes a thorough review. Prior to the public comment period, the Agency will be having a public information meeting. The public information meeting will be scheduled once a complete permit application is received and our engineer has done an initial review of that application.

To date, PSCAA has not received a complete permit application.

Updates will be posted on this page as available. 

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May 22, 2017 
PSE submitted the NOC application.
June 21, 2017The Agency did a preliminary review of the application submitted by PSE and requested additional information from them. The letter describes in detail the information needed.
June 22, 2017Results of modeling of air pollutants from the proposed facility.
June 30, 2017PSE responded to the Agency's letter requesting additional information.

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