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The Grace Fire StoveCAT

The Grace Fire LLC StoveCAT uses patented catalyst coated ceramic medium from Clear Skies Unlimited (CSU) that can survive the harsh operating environment of a wood stove while achieving the desired pollution reduction. CSU catalyst coated medium can not only withstand flame impingement, but unlike the first generation of catalyst support structures, has material characteristics that not only gives it increased performance but gives it a dramatically longer life.
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In addition, the device has several additional critical innovative characteristics:
  1. An array of catalyst coated medium allows exhaust gases to safely continue flowing even if the catalyst were to be totally blocked.
  2. The device provides supplemental ambient air to the bottom of the catalytic array to aid in more complete conversion of the pollutants into harmless compounds.
  3. The supplemental air is preheated by flowing downward around the outer surface of the catalytic array to maintain the higher temperatures required for efficient catalysis.
  4. A VcV or “Kiwi Valve” from Flamekeeper automatically maintains a properly balanced flow of supplemental air throughout the various phases of the burn cycle.
The result is a retrofit device that exceeds all of the preferred level requirements of the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Request for Proposals:
  1. Does not increase the hazard for the user, the house or the general environment outside the house.
  2. Reduces fine particle by greater than 75% in real-world conditions.
  3. Costs less than $600 for a resident to purchase and install.
  4. Is robust enough that annual (or longer) maintenance can be performed by unskilled residents, or can be performed by an appropriate maintenance person for less than $100.
  5. Has an expected lifetime, assuming adequate maintenance, of 10 years or more.
  6. Doesn’t require intervention, adjustment, or monitoring by the user.
Additional information can be found at the following sites and YouTube videos:
The following photos of the device (placed on the stove next to the normal flue for comparison purposes only), demonstrate the eye-appealing, sleek profile of the device, displaying the aesthetics demanded by the consumer for acceptance in their household.
Grace Fire StoveCAT Diagram
Grace Fire StoveCAT Diagram