Allentown, a neighborhood in Tukwila is composed of mostly single-family homes nestled along the Green River. 

There is also a big presence of major transportation routes (trains, I-5, highway 599, and airplanes) that run through the heart of the community thus contributing to air pollution. 

The juxtaposition of the neighborhood and transportation routes contributes to impacts from air pollution in the community. 

Community Engagement

We have been working closely with the community to better identify and collaborate on a variety of efforts. 

  • We worked with the community and municipal partners to establish a fixed-site air monitor at Duwamish Park.
  • We are working with community residents to measure air pollution using small sensor, portable monitors.
  • We are working with the community who identified an improvement project that aims to engage residents and educate them on air quality while building community involvement by planting trees on public and private spaces.  
  • We are working closely with a community liaison to better understand the community's needs, concerns, and interests in order to connect with the people and better meet their needs around air pollution.