Chinatown-International District

The Chinatown-International District has been a bustling hub for many generations.The three distinct neighborhoods that gave birth to the C-ID; Chinatown, Japantown, and Little Saigon have morphed and merged while at the same time becoming a vital centerpiece of the Seattle landscape.

This rich historical community of Seattle is home to one the busiest commuting crossroads in the whole region. Cars, trucks, buses, Amtrak, Link Light Rail and Sounder trains, all bring residents, workers, visitors and sport fans to the area. This constant commuter activity compounded by the many restaurants and other commercial activities, contributes to impacts from air pollution.

Community Engagement

We have been working with the community and a variety of community-led organizations to understand their needs and concerns. 

  • We regularly monitor air quality at our stationary monitoring site on 10th Avenue and Weller Street. 
  • We are currently completing an air monitoring study, funded by the EPA, that quantifies air toxics measured to better understand air related cancer risks for the community.
  • We partnered with InterimCDA, the WILD Youth Program and Neighbor Care – Yesler Terrace on a community generated project that taught people how to build their own low-cost versions of air filters that replicate HEPA quality levels, which dramatically reduce particulates from the air. 
  • We've trained community members in air sampling and collection as a citizen science approach to air quality awareness.

Check out our latest blog on empowering the next generation with citizen science. 


Community Partners