The city of Auburn, south of Seattle, is snuggled in a river valley. The city is home to more than 70,000 residents. Together with its neighbors Algona and Pacific, these communities are the heart of the Green River Valley. 

The region is crisscrossed by major transportation routes and train lines. In the winter months, the Auburn Valley is impacted by wood smoke from residential wood combustion. All of these elements contribute to air pollution and certain locations and communities in the area are disproportionally impacted by this issue.

Community Engagement 

We have been working with the community to understand their needs, concerns and interests. Although this is an ongoing process, we have been able to identify and collaborate on a number of projects that respond to issues of air quality. 

  • We actively participate in meetings and events related to the Auburn Blue Ribbon Committee - Healthiest City 2020, Auburn Chamber of Commerce, health fairs, and community engagement opportunities.
  • We have partnered with Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital Clean Air for Kids - Asthma Outreach Health Education program to support awareness of how asthma is impacted by outdoor air pollution and providing tools to address the issue. 
  • We are supporting Habitat for Humanity – Homes for Veterans by funding ductless heat pumps for their a number of homes which reduce air pollution.

Community Partners